Tree Yoga Workshop with Megaia De Beyer at 14:00

Megaia De Beyer

I felt a deep sense of calm and connection with the earth that was more intense than simply practicing yoga outside: connecting directly with the tree connected me to a living, breathing earth, a physical reminder of our place within the system, rather than separate from it.” Ruth, UK.

Tree Yoga is a deep ecology practice bringing meditative ashtanga into the forest. Tree, as partner, assists & deepens your asanas. It is a guided practice yet tree becomes coach on all levels: mental, emotional & etheric.

Trees are life & love givers. Come to the temple of trees: Dress in loose gear, bring a mat, water & an open heart.

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Megaia is a trained Ashtanga teacher and has taught at meditation retreats around SA. She has taught at Gururamdas and attends Kundalini classes with Ilana when she is in CT. She has been studying Advaita Vedanta with a Realized Guru for the past 7 years and has a deep meditation practice. She has attended many Yoga workshops in California USA and has completed Sivanada training in Kerala & Rishikesh in India. She is more well known as a psychologist and presenter, specializing in group work & Conscious parenting. 0837903700