SHAMANZI Performing On Stage at 17:00

David Tomsu and Lauren Hofmeyr of Shamanzi

Shamanzi means “The Healing Waters”. The music is a fusion of World Afro Tribal Ska, blending deep Tribal cultures with more contemporary sounds. Shamanzi have gigged at many festivals in SA including Awesome Africa, FLUX, Earthdance, have held the lead slot at Splashy Fen, were invited to tour Germany in 2009, and have collaborated with some of SA’s greats like Madala Kunene & Kholeho Mosala of Asazi and Ash Read of Colorfields.

Core members at the moment are Davide Tomsu & Lauren Hofmeyr, bringing a theatrical element to the stage. Instruments include guitars, marimba, Berimbau, bamboo flutes & panpipes as well as some grooves programmed in the studio. Shamanzi are soon to start recording their radio-play songs, and looking to launch fully at year’s end.

We welcome Shamanzi to the Greyton Dump Site – to bring “The Healing Waters” to a neglected and polluted place that very much needs them. They will be holding the space¬†throughout the day with bits of performance art leading up to their set at 17:00.