Hayley McLellen: Rethink the Bag Presentation at 16:40

Hayley McLellen at TEDx

Hayley McLellen, activist, animal behaviorist and conservationist, will be joining us at the Trash to Treasure Festival on the main stage at 16:40. She will speak of the widespread environmental issues and fallout surrounding the usage and disposal of single use plastic shopping bags, and advocate the potential for Greyton to become the first plastic bag free town in all of South Africa.

“I entered the world of nature quite by chance really! After school and travelling abroad for a stint, Sea World Durban took a chance on me and in 1989 employed me as an apprentice animal behaviourist. Since then I have been blessed by a variety of extraordinary life experiences with many species of animals. They continue to teach me immense patience and true appreciation for what really matters in this life, as well as constantly drawing my attention to our relationship with nature. From swimming with dolphins, free flying birds to managing a large staff team, my ‘accidental career’ has been most rewarding. I currently take care of an endangered species – the African penguin – at the Two Oceans Aquarium, have an online business called Organic Girl which promotes conscious living, and have initiated the Rethink The Bag campaign to have the plastic retail bag banned in South Africa. I believe that many people making a tiny lifestyle change will make a gigantic difference and I strive to communicate this in every which way I can.”

To learn more about Hayley’s work, please visit her websites: